Get Gone Guidelines

A 6 point model for single issue protest music

These parameters are designed as a way of ensuring integrity within political music whilst encouraging free expression and creativity.

1: End point
The project must have a progressive, policy-based end trigger, stated at the outset of the project. When the policy is changed or issue resolved, the project is permanently retired.

2: No cash input
All music is to be made using existing resources – no money to be outlaid for recording, musicians or equipment specifically for this project.

3: No financial licensing
All music and videos are to be licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 4.0 International (see here).

4: No cash promotion
The idea lives on the effectiveness of its music and message, no paid-for promotion or publicity is to be undertaken.

5: No fixed prices
All songs/tracks/videos are to be available for free or by donation.

6: No profits
All profits are to be donated to a charity or action group that best covers the project's theme.

Created by Joe Gould, 2016

Related Projects

These guidelines take their name from the first project I produced using them: Until Abbott Gets Gone
Currently I'm working on a new project, The Lock Outlaws