In a hurry? Hear something you like?
On this page you can purchase any tracks for non-exclusive use - in a film, an ad or however you like. 
If you would prefer custom adjustments or exclusive use, this can be arranged. 

$100 - use in a single project (non-exclusive), no customisation. 
$150 - use in a single project (non-exclusive), minor tweaks to the track. 
$250 - use in single project (non-exclusive),  major edits or slight reworking of the track.
$POA - Exclusive use or extensive reworking, or commission an original work.

To Purchase:
Payable via paypal:
Please include details of which track you're purchasing and any revisions to be made.
An email will be sent on payment with download of the track in full quality .WAV format. 

Available for immediate use now: